3 Things on Tuesday

While my translation software runs an update (which is always an anxious time, I loath software updates so often things don’t work the same way afterwards) I thought I share three things with you today.

A thing to think about:

I recently discovered Yazzi on Instagram (@standupforhumanity) by her commenting on the infamous This Morning conversation about Comic Relief and Phil Schofield putting both feet firmly in his mouth and not even realising. I watched this video by her from a poetry night several times now and shared it with many. It’s thoughtful, engaging and important. If you have 4 minutes, you should watch it.

A thing to make you smile:

A few years ago on my birthday, we went on a long hike. Map in hand, we came to a footpath and so we climbed the stile and entered what looked like a large meadow. Happily, we walked along and as we passed a hedgerow, there they were: COWS. They did not like our presence. At all. And they started to stampede. We ran and just about outran them and managed to get over the stile to safety. It left an impression with the child who has started to make memes, the cows are a themeĀ  – a frequent one.


A thing to eat:

Nigella Lawson’s delicious Spinach and Parnsip soup will be a delight for my lunches for the rest of the week. Parsnip is still in season and spinach is just about coming into season (or buy frozen like I do). Yummy with some nice rolls.

Happy Tuesday