3 Things on Tuesday

While my translation software runs an update (which is always an anxious time, I loath software updates so often things don’t work the same way afterwards) I thought I share three things with you today.

A thing to think about:

I recently discovered Yazzi on Instagram (@standupforhumanity) by her commenting on the infamous This Morning conversation about Comic Relief and Phil Schofield putting both feet firmly in his mouth and not even realising. I watched this video by her from a poetry night several times now and shared it with many. It’s thoughtful, engaging and important. If you have 4 minutes, you should watch it.

A thing to make you smile:

A few years ago on my birthday, we went on a long hike. Map in hand, we came to a footpath and so we climbed the stile and entered what looked like a large meadow. Happily, we walked along and as we passed a hedgerow, there they were: COWS. They did not like our presence. At all. And they started to stampede. We ran and just about outran them and managed to get over the stile to safety. It left an impression with the child who has started to make memes, the cows are a theme  – a frequent one.


A thing to eat:

Nigella Lawson’s delicious Spinach and Parnsip soup will be a delight for my lunches for the rest of the week. Parsnip is still in season and spinach is just about coming into season (or buy frozen like I do). Yummy with some nice rolls.

Happy Tuesday


January sucks, ok?!

Every year for as long as I have been living here in the UK, I struggled with January. Previous to 2003, January was just another month, but my first January in England was a shock to the system.

There were some contributing factors that are no longer that relevant, but for this first January back then it was the super-bowl of all things. I had been living in the UK for 7 months at that point and the first excitement and shine of all things new had worn off. I started to get annoyed at things, found things weird rather than exciting. I was frustrated with the work I was doing, which never helps. But the biggest thing was the weather. That first January, there was not a single day of sunshine. The sun did not break through the clouds even for a moment that entire long month. In fact, that year there was no visible sunshine from the 30th of December to the 3rd of February. It was grey, the sky was looming over me as if it wanted to swallow me up whole. At times, it did not feel as if we had any daylight at all. It rained most of the time in one form or another. It was dismal and I got very depressed. (And yes I journalled it all, so I just re-read those pages about that January).

Now admittedly, no January since has been as bad as that first one, but for someone who lived in Southern Germany for 30 years before moving here, it was a shock to the system. In nearly 10 years in Munich, I had gotten used to blisteringly cold January days with wonderful sunshine. You can go to a beergarden in January after a nice walk soaking up the midday sunshine.

Now, I am writing this and naturally, the sun is trying to break through. Still, I have absorbed the gloom into my soul and over the last 14 years, January has become this thing, well, not a thing really, almost a person that is out there to get me.

Most years, I just resign myself to this longest of months and wait for February, which is a bit better thanks to pancakes and shortness (I also make Fasnetskuechle, which improves EVERYTHING). Some years, I have tried to improve the month by making exciting plans. Making marmelade, meeting friends, going bookshopping (it is a fact that most of the books I buy in a year are bought in January) – yet still, I am low, cranky and moody.

January is also a notoriously a slow month for me as a freelancer. Work is coming in in drips and drabs, mostly due to my clients (mostly German) taking their winter holiday to go skiing, most likely enjoying blue, sunny skies as they venture down the slopes. So jealous. This used to depress me so much, that for years now, I have set google reminders each day for January saying: “Remember, January means hardly any work: Read, go for a walk, make marmelade, nap.” (actual text)

Most days in January, you will find me in bed with my book straight after dinner. By the time, 7pm rolls round, I am just done with the day. I am upping my dose of Vitamin D by doubling my intake, take zinc and magnesium. Drink my happy tea. Read light books. Or at least books that interest me. And still, it all just sucks.

I know that come February, it will go uphill. I have a holiday in April to look forward to. I know it will be fine, and that makes it a bit easier looking at the diary and seeing the 7th January date looking back at me. It feels like we are on day 345 of January already, but no, the diary says different. Still, for 11 years of the month, I prefer to live in a northern climate and would not change it for the world.

Oh well, I best go and make some marmelade while I stare forlornly at my work email account which is barren and quiet.

Happy Sucky January.

A picture of January 2010. See that sky? That sky wanted to eat me. Also, this was taken at midday and brightened afterwards. 

And so it goes

I have seen this over at Etsy (click here for details) and I always think that’s how I want to feel in 2018 

Years ago, I had a blog that I loved so much and then I suddenly did not love it that much anymore for a whole host of reasons. Over the years since, I have started and abandoned many blogs because nothing felt quite right. Either I set myself too tight a remit to blog about (e.g. only about photography, only about food etc.) or too wide a remit (anything which normally meant nothing).

For the past year, I have been making booktube videos, you are excused if you don’t know what that means. I had no idea this existed before I stumbled upon it in summer 2016. Essentially, it is a corner on youtube (not a literal corner, more an imaginary one) where people like myself talk about books. And after watching others talk about books for a few months, I decided that I wanted to be part of this and so – very awkwardly – I started to make videos.


In my normal life, I don’t really talk much about me making videos, mostly because I think most people I know would not or don’t get it. Some do get it though, e.g. my husband. And I credit the booktube community for making 2017, a really special year. I has been the longest time for me to have such wonderful conversations about books (in the comments you see). Love it.

I shall continue the booktube venture, but I wanted to occassional write about what I am reading, track my online bookclub adventure (Read Around the World Bookclub) and also my travels near and far, my walks, my vegan lifestyle etc.

You are welcome to come along.

Disclaimer: I am fond of quotes on pretty pictures. So don’t complain later. You were warned.