Friday Things

It is Friday once again and on Fridays I like to share all the things I have been fascinated by, found interesting and so on.

First of all, I want to invite you to vote in the poll for my Read Around the World Bookclub to select the April book, read here, what the bookclub is and join our Goodreads group if you can. Here is my video for the books suggested for April.

Here is the poll:

The lovely Susannah Conway is doing a new e-course: Your Soul Speaks. It is all about tapping into your intuition, connecting with yourself. I have pretty much done all her e-courses over the years and always got a lot out of it and I am doing it, so join me if you can. The course starts on March 5th, there is still time to enroll.

My lovely friend Milena (she writes about books here) has recommended this website for me which is all about sustainable, plastic-free living. I have reduced our use of plastics so much, but there is always more that can be done and I am looking forward to being inspired reading Pebble Mag.

I have been obsessing about various pieces of classical music recently, I usually listen to a variety but then at times, I hit repeat on a piece for a whole week. In particular, Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor op 85, here performed by the wonderful Sol Galbetta. It was Elgar’s last big work and sadly was not popular in his lifetime as its premier was a debacle. He wrote it just after the Great War and I think you can really sense the grief and devastation and the memory of almost a naivety of the pre-war years and how nothing would ever be the same again. It is now a fairly well known piece and often performed, it is my favourite piece by Elgar, I am not such a huge fan of his pompous pieces. I need to see this performed again, so shall be scanning the programs.

Also: I rather be in this place right now.

And I leave you with this poem. Happy Friday. Happy Weekend.

Friday Things

On my old blog, I used to do a thing called Friday Things. A list of stuff that I am grateful for, stuff I liked during the week, things that made me laugh, things that made me stop and think, things that make me cry a little. So I start again.

Some things I am grateful for this week:

  • Naturally, my family (you can take this as a given, that I am always grateful for them)
  • Shops that have staff that actually know what they do, when you encounter it, you are so amazed and so happy. Thank you loveliest of salespeople at Skatehut.
  • Years of piano means that my kid is now playing tunes I adore listening to while she practices. Same goes for the violin.
  • My essential oil diffuser. I love coming back in the room and the scent is so wonderful.
  • The internet. I know it gets a bad rep at times and yes, you have to monitor how much you use it on a daily basis. BUT… it’s also pretty awesome.

This video made me cry. I believe my husband is currently packing his bags and following his destiny to become a dog hugger (he would be so good at it, too):

Also: Go Iceland: Iceland elects 41-year-old environmentalist as prime minister

I found this TEDMED talk by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris super interesting, how childhood adversity impacts adult health.

When countries around Europe introduced women’s suffrage.


Happy weekend everyone.