I have found writing about me pages awkward since 1973. Or rather, that was the year I was born, in May to precise which makes me a Taurus and thus I am bad at writing about me pages.

Ok, so at the moment I am somewhere in my 40ies, which makes me I believe somewhat middle age. I translate for a living and would love to add writing for a living to that portfolio, oh and while we are on portfolio: if you need a bookscout to find great German books that should be translated into English, well, that would be pretty much my dream job.

Oh hang on, this is not meant to be a resume but an information page for eager blog readers. I used to write a blog many years ago and then Google killed the Reader and then I stopped writing and so over the past year I have sort of made my way back to blogging. There is no consistent theme to this blog. Sometimes I talk about books, I ramble about various things, I like food and walking so I may write about that on occasion.

I also talk about books on youtube and I host a bookclub called the Read Around the World bookclub. I also co-host the “Reading Through the Ages” Challenge this year, which focusses on Historical Fiction. In real life (do we really have to make this distinction… still) I also host an Any Book Bookclub which is fun and nice. I like to think of it as a literary salon but with herbal tea rather than martinis.

I have a husband and a child in my life, plus three cats. I long to live in Scotland and I read a lot of books set in Scotland to fill that whole. I am a German by birth, now live in England but I have no idea where I belong. One day, I would like to find out.

I love nature and walking. I love to cook and bake. I am writing a book (one with the husband and one by myself…). I like to go to places but ideally places with not that many people because I am also an empath so socialising can drain all life from me.

Well, wasn’t this fun. Now you know somethings.