Saturday 30th March 2019

Hello from Brexitland. Woke up to all the news about the Leave protests at Westminster and protesters having effigies of Sadiq Khan and Teresa May that they dragged around with a nose around their necks. Then I read about the trial against the former right wing party headwoman in Germany (deliberately not stating her name as I don’t want to attract the attention of their mob) and then an article about the French yellow vests derailing into a right wing extravaganza. Excuse the flippant tone, I do rather feel that all the world is full of populists and the move to the right is no longer an inching but done in giant leaps and bounds and I am frightened and depressed.

So Saturday, started with low mood. I should have made waffles like last weekend, but instead we ventured to Kings Heath to the lovely Kitchen Garden Cafe for some brunch and some charity shop book browsing. I really wanted to buy some books, but alas I found nothing of interest which was sad. On the way back, we stopped at the Basement Cafe and bought some delicious cake. If the world around you makes no sense anymore, eat some cake. And no, I shall not misquote Marie Antoinette in this place.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with books, because that’s what I do. I put down Semiosis by Sue Burke as I had started listening to this on audio, but I feel that this book has to be read rather than listened to, so have to find a copy. And I may well wait for the second book in the duology to come out later in the year so I don’t have to wait. Instead, I dived into Manda Scott’s “Into the Fire“, I adored her Boudica series. I read the first 100 pages in an almost obsessive state, loving it very much. Dual timeline with a present day one and one during Joan of Arc’s time, both set so far in France. We call this type of book a “Schmöker” in German, which Pons translates as a “longish, escapist book” and that is exactly what Scott writes. Perfect to read write now.

I am also still loving Damian Le Bas’ The Stopping Places – A Journey Through Gypsy Britain and I cannot wait to continue with it later this evening. It is such a wonderful book. I highly recommend it already and I am not even done with it. It is published by Chatto & Windus and I am currently eyeing another one of the books up Caroline Criado Perez’ Invisible Women. It’s about the data bias against women. It always amuses me, how unconsciously I seem to reach for books by the same publisher in a row without even noticing it.


The husband said I should stay away from the news for a bit. Which is probably a good idea and as it is the weekend, it is just assumptions about what’s going to happen. So for now, I shall have a couple of drams (Isle of Jura), some food prepared by said husband and then maybe another episode of Babylon Berlin if the child can be convinced to entertain herself upstairs for an hour.

Author: Melanie

I read, I eat (and cook) and I like to go places.

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