Reading Through the Ages

Tomorrow, it will be two weeks since Victoria (Eve’s Alexandria) and I announced the Reading Through the Ages reading challenge for 2019.

I am slightly uncomfortable about the word “challenge” as challenge always sounds like something that is hard to do, even harder to achieve and just generally a pain in the neck. Homework.

We really want this to be anything but that. All it is, is to encourage people to read more historical fiction in 2019.

For me personally, that is not hard, historical fiction is the genre I read the most of, but naturally everyone is different. I see this challenge as a good way to first and foremost walk to our TBR piles and look at the books, we have already got and see what may fit the prompts. Then, you can join also our Goodreads Group to find inspiration on the bookshelves there and in the discussions for each prompt.

Victoria and myself will also do videos for the prompts over the year to talk about suggestions, new releases (if appropriate), what we will be reading etc.

I really hope you can join us. img_2563.png

Author: Melanie

I read, I eat (and cook) and I like to go places.

One thought on “Reading Through the Ages”

  1. Best of luck on your reading challenge! I, too, joined a historical fiction reading challenge. I don’t read this genre much so, I’m hoping to read more of these books this year.


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