A good start to 2019

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Normally, I spend the time between Christmas and New Year reflecting on the year gone by and make some plans for the New Year. I am not one for resolutions, but I do like to ponder what the New Year might bring.

In between the years, I fill out Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook and think about a word for the coming year, kind of to set the scene. I have been doing all of these for the past decade and have gotten much enjoyment from this in the past.

This year, however, I feel myself unable to do this. The year ahead frightens me, what with Brexit, having to register myself on a list as an unwanted person in the UK, all the global issues, the planet. Like a child, I just want it all to be ok. All of it. Someone please come and wave a wand and make it so. This is naturally not going to happen, but because of it, I don’t feel in a space where I would enjoy making plans or even reflecting back.

So this January, I just treat this month like any other month. I will plough through my to do list. Cook food for my family. Look after myself both with regards to my fitness but also my mental wellbeing and this will all just have to do.

I never really bought into the whole New Year, New You kind of thing anyway, but making plans has always been part of who I am. I shall see if the not making plans feels good to me. Or even better.

The only thing really, I am very excited about is the Reading Challenge I am hosting with Eve’s Alexandria on goodreads and youtube: Reading Through the Ages. A year of reading historical fiction. Kind of fitting, really. The present seems so baffling, let’s look back. Maybe we can learn something. Join us, if you want.

Happy New Year, may it bring you blessings.

Author: Melanie

I read, I eat (and cook) and I like to go places.

2 thoughts on “A good start to 2019”

  1. “The present seems so baffling, let’s look back.” – so true, Melanie. Taking a leaf from your book, I also hope to check out some historical fiction books in 2019. Do you know of any good historical fiction book for a beginner like me?


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