Friday Things

On my old blog, I used to do a thing called Friday Things. A list of stuff that I am grateful for, stuff I liked during the week, things that made me laugh, things that made me stop and think, things that make me cry a little. So I start again.

Some things I am grateful for this week:

  • Naturally, my family (you can take this as a given, that I am always grateful for them)
  • Shops that have staff that actually know what they do, when you encounter it, you are so amazed and so happy. Thank you loveliest of salespeople at Skatehut.
  • Years of piano means that my kid is now playing tunes I adore listening to while she practices. Same goes for the violin.
  • My essential oil diffuser. I love coming back in the room and the scent is so wonderful.
  • The internet. I know it gets a bad rep at times and yes, you have to monitor how much you use it on a daily basis. BUT… it’s also pretty awesome.

This video made me cry. I believe my husband is currently packing his bags and following his destiny to become a dog hugger (he would be so good at it, too):

Also: Go Iceland: Iceland elects 41-year-old environmentalist as prime minister

I found this TEDMED talk by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris super interesting, how childhood adversity impacts adult health.

When countries around Europe introduced women’s suffrage.


Happy weekend everyone.

Author: Melanie

I read, I eat (and cook) and I like to go places.

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